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Typhoon I

Curtis Dyna-Fog, the world's leader in aerosol applicator technology, introduces the Typhoon ULV applicators. These ULV applicators have been designed to be compact, rugged machines with the same high standard of uniform droplet formulation as our other models. The high quality of the components ensure low maintenance cost, all at an attractive purchase price.

A DYNA-FOG Typhoon ULV is an effective way to control environmental pests and reduce insect borne diseases like encephalitis, dengue fever and malaria.

Whether you are a long time user or first time user of Curtis Dyna-Fog, you will appreciate the attention to detail and convenient location of all components.

Standard Features

  • Shock absorbing pads that help cut damaging vibration to an absolute minimum.
  • Electric charging system on engine.
  • High volume, positive displacement, rotary blower with corrision resistant silencer.
  • Direct-drive blower eliminates the need for belts.
  • Welded tubular-steel frame.
  • Remote formulation and flush on/off control.
  • Rugged, translucent. cross-linked polyethylene tanks that resist corrosion and vibration damage for maxi-mum durability. Easily removed for cleaning. All components that come in contact with formulation are corrosion resistant.
  • No chemical flows through vehicle cab.
  • Electric stainless steel solenoid valves.
  • Liquid-filed air pressure gauge for monitoring nozzle air pressure.
  • 12 volt battery NOT INCLUDED.
  • Limited 2 -year warranty.
  • Remote Choke Control: Electric on Typhoon I with gear pump.

Typhoon I Specifications:

TYPE: ULV Chemical Aerosol Applicators
BLOWER: Direct drive, positive displacement, rotary type. 10 PSI, 200 CFM
PARTICLE SIZE: Meets all currently available chemical manufacturers recommendations with 90% or more of droplets under 20 microns


  • H.V. Boom for full 360' horizontal and vertical adjustment.
  • Spray hour/meter.
  • Waterproof machine cover.
  • Sewer attachment kit.
  • Remote Spray Head.

Additional Specs - Typhoon I

  • 9 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard, OHV4-cycle engine with electric start and back-up manual rope start, oil alert, digital tach and hour meter.
  • High efficiency Multimist nozzle, easily adjustable and removable.
  • 15-gallon (56 lt.) formulation tank with lockable cap. 1 gallon (3.8 lts.) flush tank, with lockable tank cap.
  • Pumping system: Gear 0-20 oz/min. Diaphragm 0-128 oz/min.

Weight (empty): 297 lbs. (135 kg.)
Weight (full): 412 lbs. (187 kg.)
Length: 41.5 in, (105 cm)
Width: 29.0 in. (74 cm)
Height: 32.0 in. (81 cm)
Base frame: 26x38 in. (66 x 91 cm)

Shipping Information:
Crated: L x W x H: 48.0 in (122cm) x 40 in (102 cm) x 39.0 in (99 cm)
Weight: 400 lbs. (181.4 Kgs.)
Volume: 43,3 Cu. ft. (1.23 cu.m)

Model TI-GEAR: Typhoon 1 with GEAR Pump

Model T1-DIAPH: Typhoon 1 with Diaphragm Pump

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