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Mini-Lite ULV Fogger
The Mini-Lite ULV Fogger is the PCO's answer to an affortable machine for adulticiding, barrier spraying and spot treatments. The Mini-Lite is designed as a dual-purpose maching for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for outdoor Golf Courses, Campgrounds, Parks, Correctional Facilities, Dairy and Horse Barns, Lumberyards, Schools, Warehouses, Greenhouses, Food Processing Plants, Ballparks and Driving Ranges. In areas where low emissions are required the optional remote atomizer hose kit enables operation in zero emission spray areas or where vehicle travel is prohibited. The optional remote hose kit can also be utilized for indoor water and fire damage restoration, asbestos abatement and for treatment of ventilation systems. The Mini-Lite will save you thousands of dollars compared to the cost of larger truck mounted ULV sprayers.


Model 2990 Mini-Lite ULV Fogger

Engine: Tanaka Purefire 2-cycle, 40 cc, 1.8 HP, gas powered

Digital, displays RPM when engine is running.
Shows accumulated running hours for the engine.
Programmable maintenance intervals.

Flow Control metering (needle) valve to produce different flow rates
0-7 oz/min
0-17 oz/min with optional remote spray attachment

Electric Remote Control with spray ON/OFF switch
Battery: 12 VDC with case and charger
Nozzle: Single high output Microtec nozzle mounted on adjustable boom.
Droplet Size: 90% of all droplets under 20 microns (ULV)

Shipping Information:
18 W x 19 L x 30 H
Weight: 40 lbs.


  • 50 Ft. Hose Attachment P/N 63945-50
  • 100 Ft. Hose Attachment P/N 63945-100
  • Wheel Kit/ATV Mounting Kit P/N 63995
  • Slinger Larvicide Spreader/Hopper P/N 64975-1
  • Mini-Lite Cover P/N 63997

View the MANUAL here - in pdf format

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