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Bed Bugs

How do I know if I have Bed Bugs?

"How do I know if I have bed bugs?" it's a very common question. Many people with bed bug infestations don't know that they have pests in their home. This is because bed bugs are nocturnal nesting parasites they emerge before dawn, feed for 5-15 minutes, then return to their hiding places. Their ability to hide deep inside cracks and crevices make bed bugs difficult to spot, but there are ways to help confirm their presence through bed bug monitors, fecal matter, shed skins, blood spots, and even a unique smell. Most bed bugs hide out within 10-15 feet of your bed, which makes that a good place to start looking. Below are some tell-tale indicators that you may have these unwanted pests.

Encased Mattress 1 - Mattress Covers
With our bed bug mattress covers Bed bugs like to nest close to their host, so you'll most likely find them on your mattress, box spring, or pillows. This is why you need certified bed bug mattress encasements. Our bed bug mattress covers from SafeRest fully seal the mattress and box spring, preventing bed bugs from entering, escaping, or feeding through its non-vinyl fabric.
Bed Bug Traps 2 - Bed Bug Traps
Elevate and Intercept with climbup insect interceptors With your mattress and bedding now encased, it's time to elevate your bed with ClimbUp Interceptors to prevent bed bugs from reaching you. Bed bugs often hide in furniture, along baseboards, and inside cracks and crevices. When placed under each leg of your bed, ClimbUp Interceptors can stop bed bugs from climbing up your bed by trapping them in a talcum-lined pit.
Steamer Bed Bug Steamers - 3
Bed bugs can hide just about anywhere a credit card can fit, and can be found in any small crack or space in your home or among your belongings. In order to kill bed bugs efficiently, we recommend a bed bug steamer and a PackTite bed bug heater. Simple steam along the edges of the room and along the seams of your mattresses, chairs, and sofas. The PackTite heater can safely treat shoes, bags, books, and other items that can't be steam-cleaned.
Bed Bug Powder Bed Bug Powder - 4
We recommend a combination of both contact and residual bed bug sprays, designed specifically to kill bed bugs. Bed bug contact sprays will kill bed bugs quickly, but evaporate within minutes. Residual sprays and powders, such as diatomaceous earth powder, offer long-lasting protection against future bed bugs, but kill more slowly this is why we use both.
How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs in 4 STEPS!
Bed bug infestations are not only a physical attack on your body, but a psychological attack that can cause insomnia, anxiety and increased stress. Many people describe having bed bugs as one of the worst feelings they've experienced. Bed bugs can greatly impact you and your family, which is why we've developed proven solutions to this recent epidemic spreading across the United States.
1| Encase Your Mattress
2| Isolate & Intercept
3| Steam & Clean
4| Spray & Powder