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ODOR Control Products

Multiple Solutions to those tough ODOR & MOLD problems!
VIREX II - Kills MRSA in one minute!
ZymeAway is 100% all natural multi-enzyme hygienic cleaner.
InVade Products use blend of beneficial microbes to attack odor problems.
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Here are all the products in this category:
 BarnBan Odor Eliminating Spray Concentrate
Happy Horse Barnban Concentrate is a powerful water based product designed to eliminate malodor. Barnban contains no enzymes, perfumes or masking agents. The active ingredient in Barnban seeks out certain known malodor molecules such as those found in urine and manure and permanently attaches itself and neutralizes, not just masks, the objectionable odor. Barnban leaves the treated area clean and odor free.
$ 24.95

Virex II 256 - One Step Disinfectant Cleaner & Deodorant. Kills MRSA!
$ 49.99


Virex Tb Ready-To-Use - formula provides excellent cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing in one simple step. Kills MRSA!
$ 7.75

 OxivirTb RTU KILLS MRSA in one minute!
OxivirTb - One Step Ready-To-Use Disinfectant Cleaner Kills MRSA - in one minute!
$ 9.25
 InVade Bio Cleaner
InVade Bio Cleaner
$ 32.75
 InVade Bio Remediation
InVade Bio Remediation: Super-Concentrated Microbes for Grease Trap Maintenance and Other Bio Remediation Applications.
$ 110.00
 InVade Bio Zap
Invade Bio Zap : Ready-to-Use Liquid for Quickly Eliminating Organic Odors, Excrement, Organic Waste and Fly Breeding Sites. InVade Bio Zap is an extremely versatile, ready-to-use microbial liquid.
$ 9.89
 InVade Bio Drain Gel
Invade Bio Drain Treatment Gel is a blend of beneficial microbes and natural citrus oil in a thickened formula to coat the sides of drains. Invade Bio Drain Treatment Gel will eat through the scum in drains to stop fruit, drain, phorid and other flies from breeding, eliminating them at the source.
$ 15.20
MICROBAN Disinfectant Spray PLUS: Protects against germs and odors on virtually any surface. Anti-microbial action kills allergy and disease causing germs, bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew.
$ 39.50
Smoke-Solv All Fabric DEODORIZING FOG - Ready To Use - Gallon
$ 65.50
ODOR-SOLV : Air Neutralizer removes lingering smoke and fire odors. Apply it directly to surfaces, add it to cleaning solutions and paints, or wet fog
$ 39.50
THERMAL 55-NEUTRAL: An essential chemical for the neutralization of stubborn smoke and fire odors.
$ 72.50
 Hurricane & New Ultra ULV Fogger
Hurricane Fogger (Curtis) is capable of dispensing insecticides(Permethrin, Pyrethrum, PBO), disinfectants, deodorizers and more in both water and oil based formulations. Areas of use include residential, warehouses, schools, resorts, golf courses, greenhouses, garages, nursing homes and other institutions. An adjustable output of 0-5 gallons per hour, this versatile unit gives you the power to handle both large and small areas, wherever Ultra Low Volume application is needed.
$ 264.99
 Noz-L-Jet 7807
The Fogmaster Noz-L-Jet 7807 fogger features a hose and wand with discharge control. Lightweight and portable, it allows "spot" fogging without filling the room or wasting chemical.
$ 345.00
 Cyclone ULV Foggers
Cyclone Fogger (Curtis) - The ultra precision metering valve assures particles under 20 microns regardless of flow rate and viscosity of material. Great for pest control use in apartments buildings, greenhouses, animal confinement buildings, schools and more. Dispenses both water and oil based products.
$ 495.00
 Golden Eagle Thermal Fogger
Golden Eagle Thermal Fogger (Curtis). The Golden Eagle is one of the most economical and effective applicators for dispensing oil based chemical products. It excels on application problems where other machines fail: indoor and outdoor, and for the little as well as the large jobs such as Mosquito control.
$ 1895.00
 Trailblazer Thermal Fogger
Trailblazer Thermal Fogger (Curtis). The Trailblazer - big machine performance in a compact easy-to-handle package. Designed to dispense both water and oil based products. Produces a high output thermal fog with virtually no carbon monoxide, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Truly the easiest starting pulse-jet fogger, featuring Dyna-Fog
$ 1990.00
$ 32.50