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BarnBan Odor Eliminating Spray Concentrate
Product Description

Happy Horse Barnban Concentrate is a powerful water based product designed to eliminate malodor. Barnban contains no enzymes, perfumes or masking agents. The active ingredient in Barnban seeks out certain known malodor molecules such as those found in urine and manure and permanently attaches itself and neutralizes, not just masks, the objectionable odor. Barnban leaves the treated area clean and odor free.

*Eliminates pet and animal odors
*Economical Surface Spray
*Add to your Automatic Insect Control System
*Use in barns, stables, homes, kennels, livestock pens

Makes 4 gallons of surface spray or 55 gallons of auto-misting spray.

For surface and space spray: First clean all surfaces that can be cleaned with normal sanitation procedures removing all sources of odor. Since Barnban works on contact, it is important to make sure all malodor surfaces are treated in order to provide maximum odor control.

Mix 2 ounces of Happy Horse Barnban Concentrate in 1 quart of clean tap water (8 ounces per gallon of water). Thoroughly spray or mist all surfaces to be treated making sure to thoroughly cover any suspected sources of odor with the spray. Allow to dry. Rinsing is not required but may be helpful in removing the final residues associated with the cleanup process. Repeat if necessary.

For use in Automatic Spraying Systems:
55 gallon systems: Pour one quart (32 ounce) container of Happy Horse Barnban Concentrate into the system containing 55 gallons of water.

30 gallon systems: Pour one pint (16 ounce) of Happy Horse Barnban Concentrate into the system containing 30 gallons of water.

For use with Insecticides:
Happy Horse Barnban Odor Eliminating Concentrate is compatible with and may be added to the insecticides used in automatic misting machines. Follow the recommended rates on both the insecticide label and the Barnban label.

View the LABEL here - in pdf format

Container Size: 32oz

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