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Blackhawk Thermal Fogger

The Blackhawk was designed for a wide range of jobs with maximum efficiency for handling petroleum-based products.

The Blackhawk is capable of dispersing disinfectants, deodorizers, germicides and insecticides for application in greenhouses, a wide range of warehouses and for outdoor pest control in parks, gardens and golf courses.

The Blackhawk’s simple, innovative design reduces unit maintenance and will provide years of rugged, reliable performance Up to 18 gallons per hour capacity, rugged construction, easy maintenance and our patented electric starting system assures greater reliability, effectiveness, fuel efficiency and ease of operation. The machine is also equipped with an easy to clean stainless steel formulation filter that keeps the system free of unwanted dirt and residue.

The Blackhawk portable aerosol applicator from Curtis has it all…and only Curtis has Dyna-Fog.

3 battery supplies to start your machine Eight “D” size alkaline batteries (mounted in machine) or
Any 12 volt DC vehicle battery (connect to cigarette tighter receptacle with auxiliary start battery cable supplied with machine)


  • Model 2620, Series 2
  • Type: Thermal aerosol-fog, petroleum-based, resonant pulse principle.
  • Formulation Output: 0-18 gal/hr, or 0-68.4 liters/hr.
  • Oil Base Media: Diesel, kerosene or mineral oil.
  • Produces 114,000 cubic feet (3200 cubic meters) of effective output per minute
  • Engine Performance: 44 Hp, or 33KW
  • Fuel Consumption: 0.6 GPH or 2.3 liters/hr
  • Weight (Empty): 41 lbs. or 18.6 kg
  • Weight (Full): 75 lbs. or 34.1 kg
  • Fuel tank capacity : 0.5 gallon or 1.9 liters
  • Formulation Tank capacity: 3 gallons or 11.4 liters
  • Power Supply: Eight 1.5 V “D” size alkaline batteries or a 12 VDC automobile cigarette lighter adapter.
  • Length: 68.3 in or 173.5 cm.
  • Width: 15 in or 38.1 cm
  • Height: 16.8 in or 42.7 cm
  • Fog Particle size: 0.5 - 50 microns
  • Shipping data: L x W x H: 71 x 19 x 20 (in) or 180 x 48 x 54 (cm)
  • Weight: 73 lbs. or 33.11 kg
  • Volume: 15.61Cu. Ft or 0.44 cu. M.

  • Model 2620-P
  • Designed for Professional Applicators who require more than portability. Combined with the unmatched performance of the standard Blackhawk, the Blackhawk Pro gives the added convenience of an adjustable frame stainless steel tanks and the accuracy and flow delivered by an onboard Dyna-Fog 12 VDC Pumping System.
  • Formulation Tank: Stainless Steel- 13.2 US Gal. (50 Ltrs.)
  • Gasoline Tank: Stainless Steel- 1.3 US Gal. (5.0 Ltrs.)
  • Pumping System: Dyna-Fog 12 VDC Pumping System: 0-19.8 US Gal/Hr (0-75 Ltrs/Hr)

  • View the MANUAL here - in pdf format

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