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Hago 4023 Nozzle Tip
Hago Nozzle 4023
Hago Pest Control No Drip Mosquito Control Spray Nozzles
Many nozzles are good for spraying liquids, but for a positive drop-less after shut-off , you need Type # 4023, This nozzle is ideal to the industry and is the solution when a positive instant shut off with absolutely no after drip is needed. The #4023 nozzle is the perfect solution when after drip could damage or destroy things beneath the nozzle. Chemicals, insecticides and even plain water, prevent damage to objects below or to prevent environmental problems, this is the nozzle for you. It is the most effective, With this nozzle there is no need to install costly individual in-line check valves. Standard flow rate is 0.59 GPH @ 100 psi to 1.33 GPH @ 500 psi , water. Spray angle: 70°degree 
We Sell Only Nickel Silver Steel.
Item 100
#4023 0.59 0.75 0.84 0.94 1.02 1.19 1.33
Flow rates in GPH( Gallons per hour U.S.)at various operating pressure -Type# 4023 series & Price

This is the tip only included with the O-Ring.

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